Travelodge discount code £15 off best Tour Planners

Hi my name is Luke and I am 39 years old. I just love to travel. I love vising new places and I have also visited many places and different cities. I used to pay huge amount of money to tour guides and I accept it that I have wasted a lot of money which could be saved. I didn’t know about Travelodge in early life because of which I was being mugged from tour guide and planners. But from the time I gotto know about Travelodge and their Travelodge Discount Code £15 off, I was amazed and I said to give them a try to plan a trip a rip for me and you guys won’tbelieve the trip was the best and the cheapest with awesome things included in the package.

I am a happily married guy and father of two kids. I loved to travel to different places and also like toeat foodof new and different places. When I was 27 I guess I met love of my life Lilly. Lilly my wife was and is still is a foodie and she often takes me and kids to new restaurants to experience new places and food. Before marriage I just loved and had a craze to visit new, historical places and cities. But after marriage she used to take me to the most famous restaurants of city and places we used to visit through Google.

Before marriage I used to book a guide and ask him about new places and plan a trip for me and take me. The guide used to charge a lot and except for charging lot money he used to take me to low and third class hotel and places. So I used to look for famous places in different places in Google and even ask my friends and fellows and even my working partners to suggest me place to visit. But when I got married to I asked a tour guide to take me and my wife to trip of northern areas. He told us a city and told us the budget price and showed us some of hotels but my wife refused. When we came back home so she called one of her friend and asked her for the trip planner so she told her about Travelodge and she asked my wife to feel free to contact them and told to use discount code.

When we opened the online place so we were amazed to see how well they had organized the page. When we selected the package which was to Barnsley, they displayed different hotels in Barnsley and I really liked the hotels and when it came for finalizing the hotels so it was really hard for us as all the hotels were at very low price and were also very beautiful and their location was also unique. Any how we decided the hotel and everything was planned and we were ready to go. We went on trip it was awesome and we didn’t needed to Google anything as our guider was taking to many new places and especially to restaurants.

We really liked the trip and their planning now whenever we plan to go on a tour, we Contact Travelodge.

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